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The Band


Formed in 1989 in the campuses of U.P. at Los Banos, Datu's Tribe are Cabring Cabrera on vocals, Del Visperas on guitars, Andre Umali on bass, and Dax Padiernos on drums. They started out playing covers on Metallica and The Cult, honing their technical skills and starting to immerse themselves deeper into the craft. At the same time they were also rubbing elbows with their disenchanted, discontented, and plainly rebellious academic peers who taught them the words "makabayan", "kalayaan", "katarungan", "imperyalismo", among others.   Without their knowing it, the combination of acquiring musical techniques and obtaining radical perspectives has shaped the sound and texture of their music, turning Datu's Tribe into a crusader espousing human rights, freedom, etc. using the medium of rock music.

Over the years, the band has accumulated quite a volume of original compositions. The band had their first brush with fame when their demo of "Praning" landed on LA 105's No.1 spot and stayed there for a record six consecutive weeks.   They were the first band to have done so.   The unprecedented and overwhelming response to

their first outing convinced the band that their time has arrived. They went through their audition at Club Dredd with flying colors.   Even then rock afficionados could see the latent force within the band, just waiting to be discovered. In the crop of rock bands pioneering the rock music scene, Datu's Tribe has been counted among the "truly raw, rockin' mean machine".

With the release of their debut album "Galit Kami sa Baboy" under Universal Records, the general audience got a taste of the band's "thought-provoking, sometimes disturbing, yet deeply engrossing" brand of music.   Up to now, the album remained one of rock industry's demistifying production from a local band so far.