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Datu's Tribe


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01death metal

April 2005

With a top-of-the-line computer system, a mixing console, a couple of thousand pesos, blood, guts, and gray matter forced into creative inspiration by liters of alcohol, the Pseudo-Acoustic Bogus-Live! EP desperately entitled FAT BURNER was born on the last week of March 2005 and released (100 initial copies out of 1,000 planned total) on April Fools Day. With demand far outstripping supply and availability, God knows what futures will be created, reshaped, or destroyed by the rebirth of Datu's Tribe!

But that's not all! Add a new full-length album in the works, the local rock music scene gearing up for resuscitation, the country's socio-economic development indicators at an all-time loveable low, and it appears that the band's resurrection couldn't have come at a more desperately opportune time.

Rest easy, ye dead-at-a-young-age-through-suicide musicians! DATU'S TRIBE IS ALIVE AGAIN!

Vocals:      Eric “Ngirbac Arerbac” Cabrera
Gitara1:     Del “DelVis PressMe” Visperas
Gitara2:     Mark “Dr. Kram L'avon” Noval
Bass:        André “Krabby Andy O'Malley” Umali
Drums:       Dax “Maxximum Biodaxx” Padiernos

Nga pala, WE ARE UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT! Contact Boom Unida at +639164557537